Social media measurement

The Hausman Marketing Letter outlines a five-step social media measurement plan that includes setting goals, measuring reach and frequency, measuring key performance indicators (KPI), tracking leads, and measuring return on investment (ROI).

Return on investment is one of the key types of on-site metrics that Dan Zarrella discusses in The Social Media Marketing Book. It’s your chance to look at conversions broken down by referrers. Angie Schottmuller does a great job explaining the use of different ROI formulas on Search Engine Watch. Other on-site metrics that Zarella focuses on are engagement and number of comments.

The off-site metrics you need will vary by the different places you interact with customers.

Any organization must be able to justify its social media plan. Social media presence costs money and time to produce and maintain, and business people won’t long suffer a costly social media enterprise that doesn’t deliver. Communicators need to be able to show what they’re bringing to the organization.


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