Creating custom campaign links

Many social tools now embed clear, easy-to-use analytics. For example, it’s easy to see the number of impressions and engagements for my tweets on Twitter Analytics, and I can see how many people are clicking on my links if I use URL shorteners, such as or When I want to track people across tools, campaign links are the way to go.

In 2005, Google bought a company called Urchin, which developed Urchin Traffic Monitor. Google shut Urchin down and integrated the UTM tools into Google Analytics and AdWords. Installing Google Analytics on your site is a matter of copying a little JavaScript code into your site so that you can follow how users are interacting with your content.

Urchin lives on in the familiar acronym that’s part of the five parameters for tracking a campaign. Google’s URL Builder will generate these links for you, but a savvy user should be able to discern when a site is tracking you and what information they’re collecting. Other companies also offer tracking services, and some companies have their own systems built in. Here are some examples:

Hootsuite Pro, the paid upgrade to Hootsuite, allows users to build custom campaign links for Google Analytics in the interface.

We will discuss measurement and analytics in greater detail on Wednesday.


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