This is Just Mad, Men.

For my final blog post about the mistakes made in the advertising world, I have decided to take a trip back in time to see some of the more awkwardly inappropriate advertisements of the 20th century. I think a lot of us have a more romantic idea of what advertising was like back in say, the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s because of shows like Mad Men and the like. While much credit is due to work done in that time period, there were still many a no-no made, and these are some of my favorites:

1) I totally get where they were going with this concept- straight to the garbage. Yes, we have all heard the “gingers don’t have souls” theory and all that comes with it, so why did the creators of this campaign think this would work? I’m simply at a loss on this one.


2) I think it’s safe to say that it is “too soon” for this child. Granted, a lot more research has been done on the effects of sodas towards peoples’ health, but even still one would think that mothers would not find this to be a convincing- or good- idea. I mean, come on, really?


3) I would not necessarily call myself a feminist, but the copy combined with the illustration here is pretty sick. I know that gender roles were significantly different in the era that this advertisement ran, but I still think this is WAY too blunt. Not to mention offensive. Besides, women did the majority of the clothes shopping, so one would think it would be a smarter move to appeal to that demographic than to the men.


4) This one is without a doubt my favorite, because it truly is SO bad in every sense of the word. I remember writing a paper on advertising and the lack of ethics- and tact, apparently- involved when I was a junior in high school. I used this ad as an example in my presentation, and most everyones’ jaws dropped. Again, I’m not necessarily a feminist, but the lack of respect and the amount of dominant male character involved here is nothing short of repulsive. There are so many better ways to sell coffee.



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