Every Inch of You Is Perfect From The Bottom To The Top!

Ok, as my final post for this assignment I decided to do end with the best and probably most feminine part of any wedding…the hair.

First up on the 2015 Wedding Hair Trends is the popular “Rose Bun.” This style is as trendy but not near as popular. It is however becoming more popular and has the potential to be a timeless and romantic look. There are 2 options floating around the wedding circuit; a literal rose bun and a little more subtle rose bun.


Next year another up and coming trend is adding flashy hair accessories, it takes a simple hair style and adds a little more flashy look. It’s a simple and subtle addition to any wedding.


Another great accessory for weddings is to add floral arrangements to wedding hair styles. It adds a very unique style. Another common trend with this style is to do a simple look during the ceremony and a more fun look during the reception. Flirty-Wedding-Hairstyles-1-071613

Hair on a girls wedding day is extremely important. The hair crowns the dress, its the top on the cake, it brings the entire the entire style and look for the wedding together. The most difficult decision every bride endures is whether to wear their hair up or down or half way.


The truth is every style has the opportunity to create an elegant, or whimsical, or any look a bride is trying to achieve. Its all a matter of personal opinion. Every bride has a different personal style and therefore every wedding is different.


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