Taco Bell Blackout


Thanks to Taco Bell, you can now order your favorite bean and cheese burrito online. The iconic brand released their online ordering app this past week and had almost immediate success. As a way to drum up responses they shut down their involvement in all other forms of social media. Deleting all but one tweet explaining that “its all in the app” Taco Bell directed fans to their app store to participate.

Taco Bell’s twitter has since become active again but the blackout did initially have a lot of positive results. This app could definitely spearhead a trend in fast food restaurants simply because of the convenience. Though a lot my fast food purchases are more of an impulse situation, it doesn’t hurt to be able to order before hand and skip the line. Perhaps slower restaurants should consider the idea as well… *cough* Whataburger *cough*


3 thoughts on “Taco Bell Blackout

  1. aes11a says:

    This is an ingenious idea. I have always loved Taco Bell’s advertising because they know exactly who their target audience is, and they play into 100%. This is a great thing for Taco Bell, and I would love to order a Honey Buttered Chicken Biscuit online as well. Great post, and a very good move for the infamous Taco Bell.


  2. This is so cool! Talk about a heck of a marketing scheme. I know so many people that follow Taco Bell and have seen many more tweets this week about Taco Bell’s Twitter having only one tweet and “what? Why did they delete their tweets?” I think building that curiosity was such a creatively intelligent way to direct people to the app. Soooo many people that probably never would have gotten the app got it, because they or their friends got tricked into getting it… And they liked getting tricked!
    I love your post! Thanks for sharing!!!


  3. The Taco Bell Blackout is my favorite thing that happened in social this week and I’m so glad you posted about it. It felt like Taco Bell used the Beyonce approach in promotions with their blackout, and it was so spot-on for their brand image. I am terrified of Taco Bell, and probably won’t be using their app for online ordering, but kudos to their digital strategists for always being ahead of the curve.


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