Social Media Censorship: Where should companies draw the line?

TV host and comedian Chelsea Handler recently announced a boycott of Instagram for deleting a photo she posted twice. The photo in question was a parody of a famous picture of Russian President Vladimir Putin shirtless on horseback, and depicted Handler in the same manner. Her satirical post was removed by Instagram for violating their policy on nudity and obscenity, but Handler would not be dismayed. She reposted the photo, calling Instagram’s policies “sexist” and proclaiming that she had the right to show she had a better body that Putin.

While her comments on the better body were tongue and cheek, Handler is all too serious and has since called out the photo sharing platform as sexist on her other media platforms. She has also boycotted the site. Should Instagram have left the photo up? It clearly wasn’t meant for pornographic intent, but was supposed to be funny and poke fun of the Russian President. While on the other had, it is still nudity, which all major social media platforms have taken some sort of position or stance on prevent some obscene content from reaching the eyes of their younger users.

Was Instagram right for removing the photo and sticking to their guns? Is Chelsea Handler correct for calling the company sexist? Let me know what you think.


One thought on “Social Media Censorship: Where should companies draw the line?

  1. rar11b says:

    I’ve tried drafting a comment for this a few different times but I’ve struggled every time because I’m not sure how to form what I’m thinking. I go back and forth with my opinion on the situation. Chelsea’s picture was very much inappropriate and definitely should have been removed, there’s no question in my mind HOWEVER, I can’t help but laugh and Handler’s defense. If she’s comfortable with revealing herself in that manner, there is definitely a double standard and though I don’t necessarily feel it’s appropriate to have half naked women on Instagram, I do find it interesting where the boundaries lie. You definitely made some interesting points, Tommy!


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