Guerilla Marketing

Today Advertisements are everywhere, and that causes a new challenge to all the advertisers and the companies they are advertising for. It is all about the way that a certain advertisement can stand out, you almost have to have something that makes someone say, “he remember when ‘company’ did this and it was amazing.” There are a few companies who are masters at this, and you can remember their advertising for years after the event happened or you saw the innovative way to advertise your product.

Here are some people who knocked the idea of Guerilla Marketing out of the Park:

Nike did it really well here. The idea that of a soccer ball crushing various things through out the city is a creative idea that everyone would remember. It is an effective way to catch someone’s attention, if Nike just had a poster on the side of a building, people walking by would walk by it not noticing the poster at all, but even if you were just walking down the street you would notice the giant soccer ball crashing car or a building.

McDonalds does a great job here too. This is another one that even if you were walking or driving past it, you would remember it. You remember the light post that looked like poured out coffee. I can see this advertising light post becoming contagious content, because I know if I saw that in person I would automatically take a picture with my phone and send it to people.

Guerilla Marketing is an effective tool that in my opinion creates contagious content. I think that more companies should be looking for way to advertise their products in a new and innovative way.


One thought on “Guerilla Marketing

  1. rar11b says:

    I absolutely love all of the examples that you used today. Guerrilla marketing is truly an ingenious method especially when its done well. Advertising can be such a tricky situation because it’s typically pretty hit or miss but these are definitely spot on.


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