Digital Marketing Must-Sees

AdWeek posted 10 statistics that are important this week to digital marketing. I’ll just cover a few in this post, but if you are into digital, advertising, PR or well are just a JMC major, I thought these thoughts were relevant to you.

1. That Matthew McConaughey SNL parody actually helped Lincoln.

If you’ve taken the dreaded Comm Law, you know that parody is fair game. When I watched the SNL parody starring Jim Carrey that mocks both McConaughey and Lincoln for the brand match-up, I cried laughing. But, according to the article, Lincoln’s digital impressions jumped 103 percent following the sketch. Dr. Bacon has taught us all that “not all PR is good PR,” but in this instance, the joke benefited both parties.

5. Even for Taco Bell, this development looks to be on a fast track to success.

Taco Bell went anti-social this week with their blackout in order to create buzz over the new app. I know Brantly probably had a minor heart attack when it looked like the Taco Bell Twitter account was gone for good, but the anti-launch launch was a success, with 75% of locations seeing a mobile app order within the first day.

6. There are at least 204,086 sugar-minded “tweet ghosts” out there.

That’s how many Twitter mentions Kit-Kat received this Halloween season, making it the number 1 candy of the social media platform. I am more of a Reese’s girl myself (hook a prego up), but it is interesting that we can now measure candy popularity not by sales but through social.

There are 7 more interesting digi-tistics in the Adweek link, go check them out and get excited for our future careers in the digital age.


One thought on “Digital Marketing Must-Sees

  1. Tommy says:

    I loved the SNL skit with Jim Carrey! And its great to see that the skip benefited both parties. Love how everyone can poke fun at a marketing campaign and not take everything so seriously.


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