Billboard Awards.

Billboard Advertisements are a tricky game. You have to catch at attention of people who are driving down the road with out having a message that is too cluttered that could cause a wreck. I don’t know if there would be anything worse as an advertiser than if your billboard causing a five care pile up on I-20. Like any form of advertising, there are good billboards and there are bad billboards.

Here are some examples of some billboards that make the point in a way that doesn’t cause wrecks, but isn’t boring.

This billboard is perfect for the side of a road for so many reasons. It is advertising buckling up, but it does it in a way that uses a visual aid that puts the dangers of driving with out a seat belt, even if you are in the backseat into perspective. Attaching the slingshot gives the Billboard visual interest and you know right away what the message is. This is a very effective billboard because it got the message to you quickly.

This Formula toothpaste advertisement is another very creative way to do a billboard advertisement, because it doesn’t just stick to the traditional flat, billboard. It makes the advertisement somewhat interactive. This toothpaste is supposed to help strengthen your teeth, and the message that they are giving everyone driving past the billboard is that this toothpaste will make your teeth strong enough tor rip up a billboard. Mission accomplished, I got the message and in such a creative way that this billboard will stick out to me on my commute to work everyday.

Billboards can be a very effective advertising platform, but you have to think outside of the box in order for your billboard to stand out among the rest.


4 thoughts on “Billboard Awards.

  1. rar11b says:

    I enjoyed this post because it reminded me a lot of my love for guerrilla marketing. The ability for someone to take what is typically a giant flat sign and to make it something outrageous and attention grabbing is so genius. I wish I were creative enough to associate a sling shot with a car accident because that’s so totally spot on. Both of these billboards would definitely make me stop and say ‘wow.’


  2. HAHA! Those billboards are amazing! I am always fascinated by billboards and what companies try to accomplish with them. A little while back I came across the first virtual/digital billboard that had rotating ads. Part of me found that a little distracting… which was not good given I was driving 75mph. Thankfully I am still here and so is my vehicle, but it does bring an interesting topic. I’m looking forward to seeing the future of billboards!


  3. Very creative examples! I had to make a billboard advertisement for a previous class and I underestimated the time and thought that goes into something the people only look at for a few seconds. Thank you for the interesting and informative article.


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