22 Going on 30

I love the movie 13 Going on 30 because I want to be Jenna Rink. I dream of working at a magazine that inspires others and gives them something to smile about in the midst of their crazy week. And plus, she just so darn cute!

So, I was a little too excited when I found Holly Johnson’s blog The Lifestyle Writer, because she just might be a real-life Jenna Rink. She’s worked as a freelance writer for multiple Wedding and Lifestyle magazines. In one of her blogs, she shares her tips on how to get into magazine publishing.

  1. Train, train, train!

Holly says, quite obviously, the most important first step is to get the right degree. So, luckily for us journalism majors, we are already on the right track.

  1. Work it.

She says take whatever work experience you can get, even if it’s some lower entry level position. Now days, most employers just want to see that you’ve worked somewhere before they can hire you. Also as important is to cram in as many internships as you can.

  1. Be Yourself (But also be who the magazine wants…)

It is important to be yourself and show off your writing voice, but Holly says that you should research the voice and style of the magazine you want to write for. You should tailor your resume and cover letter to what the employers are looking for.

  1. Start a Blog

Employers want to see that you care enough about writing that you do it on your free time and about subjects you care about. Holly suggests to write posts to be short and concise, but also include at least two quality photos.

  1. Know Your Stuff

When applying to a magazine, read the last few issues of that magazine, research the company and find out their competitors. Be prepared and know the marketplace you are applying for so you’ll ace the interview for the job.

In Part two of her blog post, Holly gives even more great tips for climbing up the magazine world ladder. However, with these tips, I already feel one step closer to my dream job.


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