The Return of the King

The king has returned. To Cleveland, anyway. For those of you living under a rock, NBA superstar LeBron James decided to return to Cleveland over the summer and played in his first game as a Cavalier again Thursday night. The amount of coverage of “The Decision: Part II” was astronomical back in July, and has only been building since then up until the moment he stepped back onto the court in Cleveland.

As an aspiring sports journalist, I took special notice when it came to the amount of publicity that James received. Facebook, Twitter and pretty much every other social media platform exploded after his announcement of returning to Cleveland.

And that was only the beginning. From then on out, everything involving LeBron James or the new-look Cavs were immediately the main stories on ESPN, FOX SPORTS, CBS Sports, or any other. Then, fast forward to his first game, and you have the same kind of coverage that we have grown used to with the King.

The facts are that the media has turned into LeBron and the Cavs into the number one story in sports. Although the reasons are justified, it still doesn’t mean all other stories need fall by the way side. This team does deserve a lot of attention, but I often feel they get coverage on minor story lines that, had it been another team, would not have gotten attention for that.

The return of the King: Lebron James edition is a great story to say the least, but it is not the only one.


3 thoughts on “The Return of the King

  1. I think your point of not losing other teams in the hype of Lebron is such a solid point. My personal opinion is that Lebron is more of an entertainer at times than an athlete and I’m not quite sure that’s someone SPORTS journalisms should look at all the time. Granted, he usually makes a good story but a good story isn’t good after it floods news feeds for months. (Might I add I saw about three articles regarding Lebron’s first points at Cleveland were his ONLY points in the whole first quarter of tonight’s game.) Awesome post!


  2. Margo Herrera says:

    I enjoyed reading this blog post! On snapchat, they include a live snap titled, “#23 Returns Home.” I was actually pretty surprised to see they did a whole live snapchat story on him, along with all the other media. The story was pretty long and basically centered all around Lebron. I agree with Vic’s statement about Lebron being more of an entertainer. I mean, the guy has his own App that is basically all about his life. As cliche as it sounds, basketball is a team sport and I don’t think it’s fair to put all the focus on just one player.


  3. aes11a says:

    I love this post! I in theory love the way that Cleveland has gotten behind “The King” because I love that Sports can do that to a community. I think that it instantly gave Cleveland such pride which is amazing, but I can see your point as well. I think that it has made other amazing stories get less coverage than they deserve. Again, really great post and great perspective.


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