Technology Within Events

In addition to my last post, which was about tweeting from an event, there are many other forms of technology that can help entertain and engage your audience an event. We all know how big and integral of a role technology plays in today’s event industry. Technology in the event industry works in the form of apps, event websites, graphics, interaction and much more. It can also really personalize an event and create unique experiences.

Author of eventmanagerblog, Amy Capron, gives 7 “techy” was to entertain and engage your audience. They are:

  • Create a Buzz and Plenty of Publicity

Creating a wow factor experience when guests arrive can really make a difference on the success of an event. Video mapping is a new trend that many event planners are using. Amy Capron says that, “building projection video mapping has ben used to amazing effect at product launches and by high profile brands to attract widespread publicity and make a real impact.” More information on this topic can be found here.

  • Display Logos and Wow Attendees

Using traditional banners and backdrops is old news. Now, with the use of technology, logos can be displayed through the use of water, light, and many other ways!

  • Digital Ice Breakers

Technology is a great way to break the ice among guests. It can assist in getting guests to mix and mingle. Capron gives the example of Digital Caricaturists. Digital Caricaturists can instantly upload pictures, email or event print them out for attendees. They can also be customized to include logos or a particular event theme.

  • Engage and Interact with Speakers

With the use of technology, events can now use social media to interact with speakers. Capron gives an example of using a giant digital graffiti wall on stage for attendees to create and generate ideas and questions during a Q&A section.

  • Personal Edible Treats

Technology has made it possible to personalize food and beverages that can include faces, logos and other things on them. These treats can be used as a way to engage the audience and build conversation.

  • Interactive Musical Entertainment

Capron talks about Stanley the Piano, which is a 21st Century digitally enhanced musical instrument that has the ability to play songs requested by attendees via social media. Using this idea or something like causes guests to really feel apart of the experience. More information on Stanely the Piano can be found here.

  • To dance the Night Away

Ipads bands are a popular new thing in the event industry. Ipad bands can create a range of instruments and sounds. Caron states that, “this is a great option for events with limited space.”

By keeping up with technology and using it for events, event planners are able to stay connected and offer creative and innovative events that wow the audience.


One thought on “Technology Within Events

  1. Margo, I found this help to be very informative. Technology is taking over our world and it is an absolute MUST that people in our industry are up-to-date with the latest and greatest achievements in technology. Knowing how to make your event more personalized, engage-able, and entertaining is so important.


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