No More, The NFL Says

Domestic violence and the NFL have both been hot topics as of late because of very public, and very disturbing, crossovers between the two. It seems that incident after incident is being reported involving an NFL athlete and a domestic violence charge or even more damning evidence of domestic violence. Obviously, the negative reactions to both of these things have brought the NFL into very low standing with its fans.

But earlier this week the NFL addressed its crisis by releasing a PSA titled “NFL Players Say No More”. Developed by Y&R and produced by Viacom and Joyful Heart Foundation the :60 second spot airs across most national networks. It features some of the most recognizable and respected faces of the NFL, from star players such as Eli Manning, all the way to league executives like Troy Vincent.

The NFL is spending around $3 million dollars a week in airtime for this PSA to be sent out to mass audiences. There is no advertising more effective, nor more remembered, than the ones supporting a cause. The NFL has used advertising as a platform to both recognize and openly refute the bad reputation they had garnered for themselves as of late.

The honesty and plainness of the advertisement is what makes the campaign so powerful. It allows the viewers to relate to the players and executives in a way that is simple and straight forward.There are no pitfalls to having dialogue in an ad that speaks directly to the viewer.

View the PSA below and enjoy a simple example of  a powerful advertisement.


6 thoughts on “No More, The NFL Says

  1. Brance Armstrong says:

    I think this is a great message coming from an organization that has come under so much fire recently, but I think the production value of the spot could be a little better. I understand it is supposed to be simple to show that they are focused on the message and not what it looks like, but it seems like it was thrown together quickly to hush enraged fans.


  2. kalitimmerman says:

    Considering everything going on within the NFL, this commercial is a great way to show the public that those within the organization are taking a stand against assault. I agree with Brance regarding production value of the spot. I think the message is good but it does look a little thrown together.


  3. Daniel Zepeda says:

    The No More campaign has been fantastic. It has been simple, impact full and powerful. It really sucks though how issues like domestic violence only receive recognition after a major public event, such as Ray Rice and the NFL, go through a scandal. Still though, it’s great what this campaign is doing.


  4. Margo Herrera says:

    Wow, to say this campaign is powerful is an understatement. Being an female, it really affected me. I think it was a very smart move on the NFL to do this campaign because of how much backlash they have received due to recent incidents. I think the message was very clear and portrayed in such a way that created credibility and social capital.


  5. I am a huge NFL fan. However, lately I have been super disappointed by the amount of players involved in scandals. A lot of those scandals seem to be involving domestic violence which just breaks my heart. Although these situations are in no way the NFL’s fault, it was extremely smart PR to start the “No More” campaign. This puts a good face on the organizations and lets people know that they are putting forth an effort to stop it. Really great post and I love the campaign.


  6. rar11b says:

    As much as I agree with what the NFL is doing, I kind of don’t even care at this point. Don’t get me wrong, I care about the fact that they are starting this campaign but where were you like 2 months ago? I fee like this is something that should have been addressed a while ago not now that the drama has died down a bit. You made some awesome points though. Great post!


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