Video Effects – Professional Production Necessities

      There are lots of things that make video productions appear to be more professionally made. For example, skill of the videographer, the videographer’s eye for good shots, the equipment that’s being worked with, and the level of editing expertise are all components of professional production.

      Possibly, one of the hardest skills to master for professional production is the video effects skill. It’s often hard to understand when you need to use a video effect and what to use and, lastly, how to execute it properly.

Here are three of the many video effects techniques that you should
master to be on your way to more professional video production:

Lighting – It often goes unnoticed that there are seemingly an infinite amount of atmospheres you can create with just a change in lighting. Having control of this effect can drastically alter your audience’s perspective of your production.
Check out this video that shows the vastly different looks of one woman by just light shifts:


Angles – The position in which your footage is shot has a lot of weight for the mood that your production sets off. It’s important to understand the different ways that angles effect the underlying message of your production. For example, shooting from low angle will make your subject appear more sinister, while shooting from an above angle will make your subject appear more innocent.
Check out this video that shows tips and techniques for deceptive angles and zolly shooting (cheesy, but interesting!):


Cutaways – This effect requires a bit of planning. Essentially, it is a sequence of shots that play out within your scene. There can be an infinite amount of these and they are edited in to create movies within the movie. For example, if you are shooting a parent reading to a child, you could first shoot the parent and child sitting in bed reading the book, then a closer shot of the upper bodies of the parent and child and then an even closer shot of the hands of the parent and kid turning the pages. These shots can be edited together to create more insight and is much more interesting than just a one-shot wide angle view.
Check out this video that elaborates on coverage and cutaways:


      Mastering these techniques will heighten the creativity, uniqueness, and professionalism of your footage. They might seem difficult now, but once you understand what works and why, you’ll be able to easily integrate these effects into all of the footage that you shoot.


2 thoughts on “Video Effects – Professional Production Necessities

  1. Brance Armstrong says:

    Jamie I couldn’t agree more. I think lighting is definitely the most challenging of the three that you outlined. I still don’t have a mastery of lighting, but I am definitely working on it! That video clip of the woman’s face changing with the light is very cool!


  2. Jamie,
    Once again your blog post is spot on. Lighting is everything for a scene! Of course camera work is crucial, but lighting is what makes it magical. That video you linked to representing lighting changes was amazing.. and trippy at the same time! I also loved how you talked about cutaways. I’ve used shots like that before and they truly make the editing process, not only easier, but more interesting! Keep throwing out awesome advice and posts.


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