Tweeting From an Event

In today’s world, when putting on an event, tweeting about it plays a huge role. It’s important to not only tweet during the event, but both before and after. Author Julius Solaris from eventmanagerblog shared an infographic from social@ogilvy that consists of some basic tips for tweeting at events. They are:

  • Be a part of the “real” conversation. Know the hashtag.
  • Save your data plan- if possible, use the host’s wi-fi.
  • Tweet a lot.
  • Listen for quotes, take pictures, and tweet your experience so those who are not there get the play-by-play.
  • Tweet to people to get retweeted and help increase your social footprint.


The only tip I disagree with on this list is the tip that says, “Tweet a lot.” Sometimes, tweeting too much can cause more problems than good. Not everything is newsworthy, and not everything warrants stream of live tweets. Many followers will get annoyed and ignore the tweets if you tweet too much, therefore defeating the purpose of the tweet.

Solaris gives some other tips he finds helpful when it comes to tweeting from an event. They are:

  • Bring a battery back up for your phone.
  • Do not wait till the day of the event to get tweeting. Solaris says the best networking is done before the event starts when it is quieter. Early adopters like to gather at this time.
  • Quality over quantity.
  • Join a tweetup or start one.

Another tip for tweeting for an event that I have learned is to make sure and use twitter to tweet to actual people, and not just as a marketing dumping ground. If the tweets are pointless, than the reaction to them will be the same.

Following these tips will ensure that your event turns out to be very successful.


2 thoughts on “Tweeting From an Event

  1. Brantly Houston says:

    I love this! I completely agree with you disagreeing with the blog’s advice to “tweet a lot.” Just like the second source noted, you should definitely pursue quality over quantity.

    I love live tweeting events. One of my favorite things to do at my internship this past summer was when I got to be on “social media duty” during our concerts. I got to create some really fun tweets (and instagram/facebook posts) on the fly! It’s good to group posts with a hashtag too. We definitely did that for Symphony on the Prairie (#SOTP)


  2. I’m SO glad you posted about this. I think a lot of college students are given the job of live tweeting events and people assume that we know how to do it because we are young and we tweet all the time. However, tweeting in a professional manor is COMPLETELY different and takes practice. I remember my first couple of times to live tweet anything were a little rocky, so practice and planning are definitely helpful, and so are tips like these!


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