The late night journalist changes late night television

A few weeks ago, I wrote on how HBO late night host John Oliver is changing the face of late night television with his show Last Week Tonight with John Oliver. Unlike other late night hosts, Oliver dedicates an entire portion of his show to hard-hitting journalistic stories and then offers his opinion in his own unique comedic satire.

Overall, his investigative journalism has been well received. It has been the talk of the late night television world, receiving both criticism and praise.  Originally, some of his first cases were the Miss USA Pageant debacle, President Obama and the “Drone Wars”, the death penalty along with others. Oliver has recently tackled other current issues in what has been deemed his very own “investigative comedy.”

Some of his newest cases have included the Supreme Court. Recently, the Supreme Court denied the use of cameras in its court room, believing that their oral arguments would me misconstrued on television. This was Oliver’s take.

In my opinion, it was one of Oliver’s more comedic approaches, but it still gets the point across. His take on the NFL’s domestic abuse scandal again featured his humor, while getting the point across that Roger Goodell just might be the biggest idiot in the public eye.

And finally, because this is social media class, Oliver gives his take on corporations on Twitter. Most of these examples are how companies and organizations have had major meltdowns on social media and should have just #stayedquiet. Warning, this video has some stuff in it that’s not so ACU appropriate, but it’s worth a watch.

The bottom line is that it is working. Oliver is taking real life stories that are having media coverage and transforming them into comedic, understandable stories that in some instances, call for action. Hopefully, Oliver will continue with what he’s doing, by bringing journalistic stories to the forefront of late night television, and adding a smidgen of humor.


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