The Importance of Pinterest

Hopefully by now we’ve established the importance of using social media for companies and brands. In today’s world it’s vital for companies to be on Facebook, Twitter, and the like. However, should companies be on Pinterest too? If you’re like me, you often overlook Pinterest when considering social media for public relations and marketing. HubSpot and Social Media Examiner offer some great insight to how and why your company should have a presence on Pinterest. Here are my top three hints from what they have to offer.

Pinterest Converts Browsers to Buyers

According to HubSpot, Pinterest “reduces the number of steps from discovery to decision.” It’s much easier to promote a product on Pinterest than it is on other forms of social media. This is sure to change with the advent of the Twitter “buy button,” but Pinterest definitely has a head start.

Pinterest Promotes Brand Authority

Pinterest’s service is content curation at its finest! One of the Examiner’s most helpful tips is that by creating pin boards with helpful hints and tips about your product and projects it can be used for, you show customers that you have a comprehensive knowledge of what you put out. It also saves time because you’re re-purposing (curating) content that already exists.

Pinterest Helps You Understand Your Audience

HubSpot points out that Pinterest makes it easy to follow trends of your audience. By building a more comprehensive understanding of your audience and what they’re using your product for, you can more quickly make changes to your product and promotional strategy to boost sales.


4 thoughts on “The Importance of Pinterest

  1. I found this to post to be very informative. There were some things on here I didn’t know Pinterest helped with. It is true Pinterest helps you understand your audience. You can tell a lot about a person by their Pinterest.


  2. Tommy says:

    As someone who has very little experience with Pinterest (none) I liked to see that there are more uses for the site other that just pinning things you like.


  3. kalitimmerman says:

    Brantly, these are all great points! I have found myself purchasing clothing items from Pinterest on countless occasions. This social media outlet is great for companies that are confident in the products they provide and are wanting to maintain strong relationships with their consumers. It is also a place where pins seem to “go viral” in a sense. The amount of people companies can reach on Pinterest is incredible.


  4. I am a HUGE Pinterest fan. I have over 11,000 pins and may be mildly addicted. However, despite my personal obsession, I think this post is so helpful to our future careers. Pinterest isn’t yet as utilized as it could be for businesses. I think these points are all very true and can be very important when using Pinterest for business.


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