Super Bowl Ad Myths

AdAge is ranting this week on 5 common Super Bowl myths in the advertising world.

If you are anything like me and my husband, you look forward to judging Super Bowl ads just as much as the game. As an advertising student, it would be a dream come true for me to one day see my creative energy up on the screen in front of millions of tipsy football fans. This week, AdAge confirms that this dream is not one I should put to death.

Although the world of advertising is quickly going digital, this article reminds us that TV ads during the Super Bowl are still important.

Myth 1. The Super Bowl is primarily a broadcast advertiser’s game. 

This couldn’t be further from the truth. Just as technology is evolving, so are we as advertisers. Remember last year’s #esurancesave30 campaign? Esurance successfully used their broadcast ad during the Super Bowl to make a digital impact. I know I tweeted at Esurance at least 30 times following the TV spot.

Myth 2. Releasing content in advance of the Super Bowl offers no advantage now that everyone is doing it.

I am always pumped to get a “sneak peak” of a brand’s game before kick-off. AdAge says that I am in the majority, and the numbers support early content release.

Myth 3. Digital extensions of your Super Bowl ads offer zero incremental unique reach and are mainly about driving engagement.

Sorry, but anyone in JMC should know that this just isn’t so. Just because my friend is engaging with a brand by posting about it digitally doesn’t mean her post isn’t the first time I am being reached by the brand.

Myth 4. Advertiser claims around earned media are generally bogus; big viewership comes mainly from paid media.

Don’t even get me started on the earned media derived from Old Spice ads.

Myth 5. The earned media generated around Super Bowl has never been quantified into any meaningful outcomes that advertisers care about.

As we have learned in class, word-of-mouth is THE most effective form of advertising, and the article says that this is measurable and the numbers are powerful.

So, future advertisers of Abilene Christian University, do not be dismayed. Super Bowl ads are important, relevant and powerful. Now get back to work.


One thought on “Super Bowl Ad Myths

  1. Awesome post Marci! It makes me excited for the Superbowl now! This was a very interesting post and it made me think back on a lot of different Superbowl commercial I have seen in the pasts and if any of those myths lined up! I’m going to be looking back at this post during the next Superbowl to see if they busted any of these myths!


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