Stop forcing me to see your tweets

Stay tuned for a rant! I’m sick of promoted tweets and Instagram posts. Let me make this clear, I like to keep my news feeds relatively clear of clutter. I don’t follow many people outside my social circle or companies unless I am generally interested in their products or services. I’m actually very picky about what I see.

This being said, imagine one such as me becoming frustrated when the next photo I see on Instagram isn’t a selfie or pumpkin spice latte, but a platter of McDonalds food or a promoted tweet for JC Penny or Allstate. Most of the time I actually block these companies immediately, rendering their advertising attempts useless. In fact, if one looks at the comments or responses to these promoted posts, I don’t seem do be alone. Many bash the promotions or simply ask “why am I seeing this?”.

I think my reactions, and the reactions of others, is an interesting addition into the complex world of businesses in social media. While having a presence and trying to grow your customer base on social media is almost mandatory for most businesses, its important to not be a try hard, because people will notice. Wearing out your followers or pushing to gain new ones too hard can backfire in a bad way. Social currency is difficult to gain and easy to lose, so when purchasing adds and designing promotes posts, I think it would be great to step back and ask yourself if you would want  to see that tweet on your timeline.


3 thoughts on “Stop forcing me to see your tweets

  1. Preach! It is so irritating when my Twitter feed is clogged with promoted Tweets by brands I don’t follow for a reason. I like that you created your own golden rule for social media marketing, tweet unto others.


  2. Brance Armstrong says:

    This is precisely why I don’t really even bother looking at Facebook anymore. I am so tired of all of the commercialized content and reposting of Buzzfeed quizzes all over my wall. Thankfully Twitter is better about this, but I have definitely seen a recent increase in the number of ads. We will see if this trend continues or the users revolt!


  3. Tommy,
    I could not agree any more with you! I CANNOT stand Twitter, if i’m being brutally honest. I think it can be used for a great purpose. But the fact that I’m seeing tweets from random people/companies/groups that I don’t even follow gets really annoying. I’d love to see an improvement in twitter’s use of promoted adds. Then I might actually start to use twitter more. Good insight man!


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