No More.

Public Service Announcements are a part of every day television line ups. There are several different tactics that you can use when creating your Public Service Announcements Campaigns. One of my favorite campaigns right now is the “No More” campaign. It is a campaign geared towards stopping sexual and physical abuse. The basis of a campaign is stars and victims standing together to say no more excuses for sexual violence and abuse.

This campaign is a very simple campaign but I think it is very successful. I first saw this campaign before an episode of Law and Order SVU, and it had the starts of all the most popular CBS shows standing together against violence. I saw another campaign today while I was watching the Texans game. This advertisement had different NFL stars. I think what works for this campaign is how simple it is. It is the stars with a basic white background just using their voice to convey a message.

I think that when you have a serious issue you need to let the issue speak for itself. I think the juxtaposition of the “No More” campaign is a busier PSA is the SPCA commercial with “The Arms of an Angel” playing in the background and pictures of sad abused animals with Sarah McLachlan talking about how for “$5 a day you could save an animal in need.” Whenever you hear the song you immediately think of the SPCA and I personally roll my eyes. Whenever I see the “No More” campaign I want to get more involved because it lets the issue speak for itself.

I think that PSA’s are a part of advertisements today and I think that there is a right and a wrong way to do them.


2 thoughts on “No More.

  1. Daniel Zepeda says:

    I think you’re absolutely right. Most PSA’s are too long for television and loos the viewer that way, or go about it in the wrong way, like the SPCA commercials. No More is simple, impact full and gets the message across without making you want to leap for the remote.


  2. Amy, I completely agree! PSA’s have always been very touchy for me. When the SPCA commercial comes on I immediately change the channel. It is frankly just too much. This perfectly relates to when we talked in class about how the most engaging Facebook posts are only 40 characters. Being brief and simple can often make the most impact.


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