My Week with PR, and Bridge Building

This month has been one of the most difficult in my life, and personally I cannot wait until November comes round. I haven’t had a full nights sleep in over 4 weeks, and I’m severally ready for some rest.

As I  have previously mentioned in past posts I am in charge of my social clubs haunted house. At first glance it appears to be a simple job, but I assure you it’s quite the opposite.

When I first wanted this job I thought I was the right man because of lofty ideas of way to scare people. As it turns out, most of the work I have to accomplish doesn’t even involve scaring people.

The business side of operations can be overwhelming. When working with a strict budget my hands were tired in many situations, and one would be amazed how quickly the costs of costumes and props add up.

However the biggest difficulties not involving personal have been bridge building and advertising, and lawyers.

This last week I’ve done over 7 interviews with reporters and have had more than 4 spots on the nightly news. Most of which involved the haunted house I’m in charge with and the others involve my fathers retirement from a unparallelled 43 years playing intramural football. I’m not entirely unaccustomed to  dealing with media, but this month has been intense than I could have ever predicted. Some how it seems the news used that one sentence I though I could have worded better.

When I said bridge building, I meant it quite literally. Our event takes place on over three islands. Actual islands… IN ABILENE! The location definitely gives us a leg up on our competition but creates a nightmare for risk management.   Last year they (risk management) said we would have to completely replace our first bridge. (Spanning over 50 feet this wasn’t in anyway a simple task)


The bridges were supposed to be completed by the 10th, but weren’t actually finished until the 22nd (the night before we oppened) Because all of my attention had been focused on completing this bridge we were way behind in everything else.IMG_2918.JPGIMG_2936.JPGIMG_2938.JPGIMG_2949IMG_2953.JPG

All of these things were almost entirely done by myself and one other person. Which has firmly taught me be careful who you delegate you, and that a reliable, trustworthy and hardworking friend is worth their weight in gold. I’ve learned the importance of surrounding yourself with a good team that’s better than you in ways, and that sometimes you just need to ask for help.


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