It’s The Most Wonderful Time of The Year! (Almost..)

Now I’m sure a lot of you who just read that title, thought, “NO,NO,NO!! It’s not even Halloween yet!” And you are right and I am sorry, but I found an awesome article on PR Daily entitled, “6 ways to optimize seasonal brand marketing” and I just had to share. So maybe this post will get some of you in the Holiday spirit a few months early, or it will just give you better insight as to how marketers approach and possibly re-vamp for the upcoming seasons!

1. Prioritize your mobile strategy. With the amount of time people now spend on their phones, tweeting and texting and what not, it is important as a marketer to utilize that in reaching your audience.

2. Focus on real-time marketing. This is a different approach to interacting with your customers, so be sure to be creative and be up to date with the latest going’s on.

3. Ramp up social media efforts.  Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Pinterest. YouTube. Take advantage of these platforms and share with your customers.

4. Use influencer marketing. Word of mouth. Enough said.

5. Make e-commerce seamless. Once again, technology now effects almost every part of our lives, so as marketers, make sure that when your customer is ready to make that purchase, it can be done easily and with no hassle.

6. Plan ahead.  This is probably the most single handed reason there are Christmas trees next to the Halloween candy right now, marketers are wanting to be on top of it! By planning ahead, they can get the ball rolling before the competition does.

To read the full article I have summarized above, click here.

Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to listen to Christmas music.


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