I just can’t help but cringe.

Bad advertisements and social media posts are everywhere, and occur all too often. While it has become somewhat of a hobby for me to find and critique ads now, it is still pretty disappointing how prevalent these mistakes are. One would think that making an advertisement or a post that wasn’t intrinsically offensive or completely ignorant would be a fairly simple task; unfortunately, it still happens on a daily basis. This week, I am going to list a few of my favorite bad ads.

1) Hotness Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

This ad for Levi’s jeans, in theory, is a good idea. Why not create jeans that will fit multiple body types? People come in all shapes and sizes, and therefore clothes should as well. Apparently Levi missed the bus on this one, because all three girls in this campaign are the same shape, regardless of the style name of her pants. Whoops.

2) Sony PSP: Black vs. White 

This ad is just wrong on so many levels. There is no way that people were so ignorant as to build a racist ad such as this one on accident. Its not even the fact that they used people to portray the contrast, but it is also the demeanor and the tone that these people are setting with their poses. I’m not a gamer, but if I was I would not buy any more Sony Playstation products.

3) The Go Daddy Kiss

I hope you all who read this already know what I am talking about so that you don’t have to click the link to re-watch this Super Bowl commercial from 2012- but if you must, you must. I can honestly say that while I am entirely disturbed by this commercial, it is one that I have never forgotten; and for that reason, I can’t decide whether I think it is all bad..but it is still gross. So gross.


6 thoughts on “I just can’t help but cringe.

  1. Margo Herrera says:

    Okay I can honestly say I cringed at every single one of those advertisements..ESPECIALLY number 3. These ads were not only extremely offensive, but also very disturbing. It shocks me that advertisements this bad can be produced and be done so often!! I get the need to be creative but these all cross the line.


  2. Oh gosh! These were brutal to look at. Now, I can’t stop looking up awful advertisements.
    These were bad in so many ways and I’m glad that you provided the reasoning for these being awful, sometimes one just can’t pinpoint them even when you know they are bad.
    I don’t even know how people do this. Surely, they showed it to people before launching it, right? How did nobody say anything? Ahh! I don’t know.
    #1 way to take your company off top rankings is to have an offensive advertisement or PR team.
    Thanks for sharing!


  3. Tommy says:

    I think I have come to expect crude behavior from GoDaddy, but the Sony one shocks me more. Having “special edition” colors of gaming platforms is nothing new, and the colors are often black and white, because of how sleek those colors look, but I can’t imagine the marketing team who drew up that ad are employed by Sony anymore.


  4. kalitimmerman says:

    GoDaddy takes the cake on bad advertising. I couldn’t even watch that commercial and my eyes will forever be scarred. No one wants to see that! It’s disturbing to think that these advertisements somehow passed through higher authority and were deemed okay. Someone at Sony needs to get fired if they haven’t already.


  5. aes11a says:

    GoDaddy advertisements have ALWAYS annoyed me. They are always borderline completely inappropriate. I didn’t like them whenever they only had Danika Patrick, and I didn’t like this one either. They just make you feel absolutely uncomfortable. Really great post about some of the worsts ads ever.


  6. Daniel Zepeda says:

    That kiss though. All of these are just plain awful, no other way around it. I can see number three, because some companies try to just go for the most ridiculous thing and sometimes it actually works. But for the first 2, I just don’t see how they could think it was a good idea. Sometimes, it upsets me knowing someone got paid for me to see such an awful ad.


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