Event Planning Marketing and Resources

I learned from entrepreneur.com that Dr. Jeff Goldblatt, CSEP, is the founding director of the Event Management Program at George Washington University in Washington, DC. He gives some very interesting advice to new entrepreneurs in the industry saying “stay away form the mass market.” Which is an interesting statement considering that is the first place new business owners tend to go when they want to start off promoting their business. While listing in the yellow pages might help clients find you, it is not worth the large sum of money that it cost to place an advertisement in there. In Dr. Jeff Goldblatt’s words, “When was the last time you spent $10,000 on someone in the Yellow Pages?”

It is recommended by new business owners as well as seasonal ones to network and make friends within the industry. Networking can help your business in two ways. You can gain contacts within the event planning field with whom you can learn ideas and tips from, also if you become well acquainted with other businesses that work hand in hand with event planners, like destination coordinators or florist, you will have a hand up on the competition.

Although networking and word-of-mouth are the industries most common forms of getting new clients, the traditional forms do have their advantages as well. Things like business cards, flyers, brochures are somewhat over-used but it never hurts to cover all your bases.


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