A Movement Around Engagement

Have you ever wondered why some companies are so successful while others just cant even seem to keep their doors open? Recently I have been wondering, what is the trick? I pondered if more money spent on advertising, better quality of the product, or even luck were factors in the success of some businesses over others. However, after reading an article in Forbes entitled, “The Advertising Game: How Brands Like Chipotle, Google And Gap Rise Above Competitors,” I think that I finally have a better grasp on the secret behind the success.

The article says that this past week, Chipotle reported a dramatic 56% increase in profits. In the same time, McDonald’s has shown that they are struggling with sales this quarter. So why is one fast food chain soaring while the other falls? My first thought was that is possibly had to do with the health trend that is sweeping the nation. However, the article shows a different approach highlighting advertising engagement.

Marketing is really just storytelling. As advertisers, we are responsible for telling consumers the story of our brand. People are naturally attracted to a good story. The stories that we tell are on opportunity to show consumers our values and core beliefs. If they can relate to the story and engage with the brand, then they will develop a loyalty.

Engagement in advertising is about developing a dialogue with your customers. Engagement isn’t solely limited to social media. Customers just need to be intrigued enough to want to interact with the company and the brand itself. They want to relate to the values so that they have something to stand for and can feel better about their purchasing decisions.

The article says, “there is a movement around engagement.” Getting people to care about your brand is so crucial. If you can empower your customers, I guarantee you they will remain loyal to your brand and even become advocates for you.

So what is the difference between Chipotle and McDonalds? Chipotle gives their customers a story to cling to, values to fight for, and opportunities to be engaged and get involved. The Forbes article also discusses Chipotle’s “Back To The Start” ad. This ad perfectly created a story that empowered and engaged their customers. The creator of the ad says, “[We] were trying to create a culture around an idea.” Creating a culture…that sets brands apart.


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