Helicopter Stunts are Coming to America!!!

Remember the story about Jaguar’s newest car being carried by a helicopter all over London? Well now its New York City’s turn.

Nick Graham is releasing his latest line of neckwear and dress shirts on Halloween. The way he is spreading the word is by having helicopters carrying around 60 foot, 35 pound bow ties. A helicopter will hover a bow tie in front of the Statue of Liberty to make it look like she is wearing it. Lady Liberty is public property so there is nothing stopping Nick Graham from dressing her up for Halloween.

Again, I think this is a great way to capture people’s attention. I really see this blowing up all over social media. There is no way his competitors can compete against his bow tie being on the Statue of Liberty. They will really have to be creative to try and catch up. This is a big move in the right direction for Nick Graham. Americans are always looking for the next big thing and this is a great way to demonstrate that what they are looking for is your product.

I am very interested to see how successful this will be. In my head I can see this helicopter trend eventually becoming annoying or dangerous. It would be a huge mess for a company if everyone complained about all of the noise of the helicopter or if one dropped a product. I am also really curious as to what will be next. Will people keep launching their products with helicopters and big cities? Or will they find something even bigger and better? I know for now I will always look up when I hear a helicopter, just in case.

For the story and a video click here:



4 thoughts on “Helicopter Stunts are Coming to America!!!

  1. Carolyn, this is pretty cool! One of the most important things is in being an effective advertisement is how long the consumer would remember it. I’ll remember this for a long time and I won’t even be able to see it in person. I could only imagine the effect it will have on the people in NY. I’m sure if they were asked in the future about a neck and dress shirt line, they’d instantly think of Nick Graham’s.
    This idea is sooooo clever. He was probably just sitting around the office when he thought “Why doesn’t the Statue of Liberty ever dress up for Halloween? I’ll launch a campaign. NBD.”
    Like you, I’m rather interested in seeing the future of helicopter advertising. I hope that there aren’t any crashes or suing (but I’m sure there’s a big chance of that). I can’t imagine too many ways to get bigger and better than helicopters.
    Thanks for sharing; this was intriguing!


  2. THIS IS AWESOME. I would love to see all sorts of things being advertised from helicopters. I also know I would be the first one to be tweeting about it, so it would have a huge digital impact. I can’t wait to see the results of this stunt.


  3. That’s so cool. These advertisements are just crazy and creative enough to stick in customers’ minds and keep them talking about the advertisements for a long time afterwards.


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