Working from home: good or bad idea?

With the world of journalism moving towards online, working from home has become a much more popular choice. In some instances, it has become a requirement. But is working from home really such a good idea? Like everything, there are pros and cons, and I’m not going to tell you one way or the other, because there is a very good chance that I may end up working from home myself one day.

According to a blog titled Exposed: The Pros and Cons of Freelancing, there are four main points for both the positives and negatives of working at home as a freelancer.


1. You get to be your own boss– Although this is not always true, being a freelancer does give you a lot of freedoms as far as content and deadlines.

2. The pay is better– As a freelancer, the hourly rate of pay is typically better than someone who works under contract for a company. The downfall? Checks may be few and far between.

3. You work on a variety of projects– Working from home requires writing for what newspapers, magazines or websites want. With that, a freelancer can write anything from sports to politics to even movie reviews if need be. Versatility is the key, so use it.

4. You get to work from anywhere– Working from home…pretty awesome.


1. You do less of what you really like doing– Because you are required to write based on need, it may require one to write more of what you don’t really enjoy writing about. Say for instance, I love to write sports, but by being a freelancer, I may be forced to write about a race for local city politics, something I really do not want to cover.

2. You have to manage yourself– Self discipline become essential when you are your own boss. Deadlines are up to you, so it is also up to you to be on top of your stuff and do what you need to do.

3. Lack of security– Remember that whole “paycheck to paycheck” thing I mentioned earlier? Yeah, it can be nerve wracking. There is much less security when you are not working under a contract.

4. You no longer own your work– It’s sad, but true. Since you write up a story or article for a different boss every time, you no longer technically own your work. It belongs to someone else as soon as you send it in.

There are plenty of points on whether to work at home or to work in an office. Ultimately, it just depends on the situation. Good points for working at home, but also plenty of bad points.


2 thoughts on “Working from home: good or bad idea?

  1. kalitimmerman says:

    You made some great points about both the pros and cons of working from home. I would love to have a family someday and be able to work from home. You’re correct when you say it is risky. The lack of job security would certainly steer me away from working from home. Great post!


  2. Brantly Houston says:

    Very interesting. One con I would add is that it could hinder productivity–I know I’m much more productive on schoolwork when I’m in the library instead of at home. Environment definitely has an impact on my productivity and if I worked at home I would be tempted to laze around instead of actually work.


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