Video: The Storage Problem

In my last post I brought up the idea about video being worth billions of words, but in reality it is billions of bytes which is why storage of video files can become a huge hassle. I have a few tips to share that will help keep you sane when you are trying to manage what can easily be terabytes of data.

Keep it Organized

This may sound simple, but if you do not have a workflow that is consistent then organization will be very difficult. There are tons of professionals who will tell you their specific workflow and organization system, but the best way is to find something that works for you and you can stick to.

Back it up

There is nothing worse than losing tons of video that you have put so much time and effort into crafting. For this very reason it is extremely important to keep your files backed up. Most experts agree on some variation of what is called the 3-2-1 rule. This means that you should have 3 copies of all crucial files. One copy should be local (on your computer hard drive), the second on a server or other drive and the last on a drive that will be stored offsite (can be in the cloud or elsewhere). The offsite copy is important to remember because it will allow you to recover if there is a natural disaster, burglary, fire or other total loss at your workplace.

Invest in Storage

Storage cost per gigabyte is dropping rapidly which means that now more than ever before large amounts of storage are becoming widely available to the amateur videographer. While this is a great trend, if you are doing very much video work you should spend a little bit more money for a RAID or other server based storage solution. RAIDs can give you much faster speeds in working with video than a single drive and can also provide help with your backup solution by providing redundancy if a drive fails. If you are working at a firm with an entire video team you may even use a fiber optic connection for even faster connection speeds.

While it is not the most exciting or glamorous part of the video process I hope now you better understand the importance of good storage infrastructure.


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