So, You Want a Job in Journalism?

We here all the time about how difficult the job market is, and yet, we’re all racing towards the end of our college career, where we have to attempt to cast our resume’s out into the world to score a job. Though it seems impossible, it may not be. I read a blog on USA Today’s College blog that listed 5 tips on how to get a job in journalism.

  1. Understand the Market You’re Getting into

The article suggest that in order to score a job, there’s a little tip to know about news outlets.  Larger news outlets are looking for people with multiple internships while smaller newspapers are more likely to hire journalists that are just starting out.

  1. Just Keep Writing

Even once you’ve graduated, you need to keep up your skills and show your future employers that you care enough about writing that you find your own ways to do it. A great way to do this is to keep up with your own personal blog.

  1. Actually be a CONVERGENT journalist

To stand out in today’s high competition journalism world, you need to be able to do more than just write. Be a triple threat. Show employers that you have other skills such as designing, photography, or even broadcast experience.

  1. Resumes are Important

The article emphasizes that you need to beautify your resume with tons of experience. That means going in to details about what you’ve done at past jobs. And it is also crucial to keep your resume to one page.

  1. Don’t Count out Radio

Ok, so the article put this in there, but I honestly feel it’s a little random. I think what’s most important to remember is that you need more than just writing skills to stand out. You don’t need to be amazing at everything, but at least have the experience of other mediums of journalism.


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