Projects, Essays, Midterms..OH MY!

NYC PR Girls strikes again! As I was looking over their blog (again..again) I stumbled across a post I thought would be helpful to all of us as we are approaching the half way point of the semester. With homecoming in the books and fall break behind us, I feel like this is when the student body, collectively as a whole, are all dreading the amount of work that must be completed up until Christmas break. For most of us, the first test of each class is done and the grade is in the grade book. But this only means one thing, the major essays are to be written and the group projects completed.

Now in the is post, the girls give specific advice on “How to Keep your Brain Sane During Fashion Week”. As I was reading these tips and tricks, I quickly realized, that as a college student, these would be useful every week. I will list out their tips below to give you a preview, but what they say about each one specifically is really what is key:

1. Write Everything Down

2. Stay Hydrated/Full

3. Make Time to Workout

4. Put down your phone 30 minutes before you go to sleep ( I need to get better at this one)

5. Get a good sleep

6. Stay Organized

7. Keep Positive

8. Don’t overdo it

9. Have fun

So the next time you are stressed about your week and wonder just how it will all get done, look back at these tips and see just how helpful they can be.

To check out the original article be sure to click here!

PS. I love the gif of Anna Wintour at the top, I feel like we have all made the facial expression at one point or another…


4 thoughts on “Projects, Essays, Midterms..OH MY!

  1. Great post! After working Fashion Week I can tell you this is SO true! I can absolutely relate to everything on that list. And I loved how you related these aspects to our lives as college students. In our hectic lives with jobs, classes, and still trying to have a life, it is good to remember to take care of ourselves too. I always have to remind myself to just keep swimming.

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  2. Margo Herrera says:

    Oh how I wish this blog post would’ve been up last week! I hate to say it but I think there are more things on that list that I didn’t do versus things that I did. But that list will definitely help in the future! I think it’s really hard when you get busy and things get crazy to remember to do some of those things, so it’s nice to have something to resort to as a helpful reminder! You don’t realize what a difference doing some of those things make until you actually do them!


  3. rar11b says:

    I absolutely love NYC PR girls! They are so spot on with every question and concern I have in my life and your points were a perfect description of how to stay innovative, positive and precise. When I find myself getting overwhelmed and stressed out I like to go through a lot of the things on this list and it calms me right down and puts everything into perspective. So perfect for this point in the semester as well!


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