It’s Not Complicated.

When I describe a group of kids sitting at table discussing what they think fast is, with a moderator, you would automatically think of the AT&T “It’s Not Complicated” commercial series. You would think of the little boy saying things are as “tape a cheetah to her back” or the moderator saying in a monotone un-phased voice, “that’s adorable”.

These commercials made the moderator the non-famous spokesperson of AT&T. This is a tactic that many advertisements use to make a trigger that makes you think immediately of a series of commercials, which would automatically think of the brand. This tactic is more unique then a traditional spokesperson because this person isn’t rich or famous, and doesn’t have automatic credibility, but it works in the companies favors a majority of the time.

AT&T is not the only company that uses this strategy. Another company that uses a non-famous spokesperson is Progressive. They have developed a character named “Flo.” Everyone has seen a commercial with Flo starring in the center. You know that Flo gives people choices on what they want to pay for their insurance, which means that Progressive gives their customers options, because you have seen Flo do it in countless outrageous ways. Progressive even uses Flo in real life situations giving people ways to actually get helped by Flo, which is taking their spokesperson to a whole new level.

Using a non-famous spokesperson sometimes is more beneficial to a company. It makes you think beyond the person speaking and to help you remember the brand itself.


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