Helping the Homeless through Handwriting

Have you ever wondered what your handwriting says about you? Everyone’s handwriting is unique. Each curve and every line say something about you and what you have been through in your life. Maybe your handwriting is dark and harsh because you have had a hard past. Maybe it is thin, flowy cursive to fit your quite and sweet personality. Maybe it has nothing to do with your specific personality but everything to do with the influence of your parents. What if you could use your handwriting to tell a your story and possibly save yourself? Better yet, what if you could purchase someone else’s handwriting to hear their story and possibly save their life? Would you do it?

I recently read an article that describes an organization starting a very creative project. The Arrels Foundation in Barcelona, Spain believes that they have found a way to help the homeless through advertising and branding. The foundation has been helping the homeless in Barcelona since 1987. Recently, they partnered with the advertising agency The Cyranos McCann to establish Homelessfonts. On the website they describe the project as “an initiative by Arrels Foundation consisting on creating a collection of typefaces based on handwriting of the homeless people living in the streets of Barcelona. The idea behind these typefaces is for people and brands to use them in their announcements.” The project “aims to bring some dignity to the life of homeless people.” Now, you and all brands around the world can purchase these typefaces online at

After visiting Downtown Dallas in March of 2013, I decided to intern at CitySquare, a non-profit working to eradicate poverty in Dallas, that summer. I learned so much about homelessness and it has become something that weighs on my heart everyday. My internship was in events and communications but even so, I constantly wondered how I could use my skills in advertising and public relations to directly help the homeless. Homeless Fonts has set a great example of how to combine a passion for helping the homeless and skills in advertising and branding to benefit everyone and better the world.

View their powerful video here.


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