Haunted House: A Logistical Nightmare

Last spring I was elected fundraiser for my social club. The role of my office is pretty simple and suggested by the name itself. My elected duty is to raise capitol to allow our members the privileges of shirts, grubs, tips ect.

For over 30 years the most successful way my club to refill it’s coffers has been to host a haunted house. The haunted house is a great way to get our club members engaged and an easy way for older members to connect with the new inductees. Members are expected to come out and actively participate in all facets of the event. These include property management, advertising, building and accumulation of props and sets, and active attendance and engagement producing and acting in our final product. Members are expected to do these things, but it is most definitely easier said than done.

Getting people to come out and do hard manual labor is much like pulling teeth. Most people need to have their arm twisted just to come out. Don’t get me wrong, there is a handful of people who have risen far above anyone’s expectations, and far beyond their obligation. But for the most part, I’ve had to come up with ways to coerce members to come out. In their defense I wholly understand that putting on such a large event during the chaos of October is quite inconvenient.  Members are exhausted from events like pledging, homecoming, midterms, and intramurals. Each of the previous is important, and demands planning and a healthy allocation of time that just adds difficulty to my offices agenda.

The best solution I have found to generate attendance and productive work is food. It’s amazing what accomplishments cant be made with the simple promise of a free meal. This has been my saving grace.

This is an event that is impossible to produce alone, and demands the ability for the fundraiser to delegate important jobs. This takes trust and adequate communication skills. As Halloween inches nearer and nearer I have to try and relax and trust those around me.


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