Event Planning Blogs and Apps

Event planning blogs can be helpful to both current and future event planners. The blogs are informative and offer good tips for an event planner. They give advice on everything you can imagine when thinking about event planning and being an event planner.

I’ve put together a list of both my favorite and some of the top event planning blogs. They are:

Along with event planning blogs, I also have a few event planning apps that I find very helpful in regards to the industry. They are:

  • The Event App Bible: The title is one of my favorite parts to the app. But aside from that, the event app bible is the largest research to date about the mobile event app ecosystem. My favorite thing on the app is that once you put in the information of your event, it gives you multiple tables and graphs you can use and also gives helpful tips on things you can do for your specific event. This app is also free!
  • Pro Party Planner: I love this app because it is basically like an event planners’ planner on a phone. It helps you stay on schedule and manage everything in an organized and detailed way. My favorite thing about this app is that it’s very easy to export data to Google spreadsheets and also print PDF reports.
  • Repartee and Event Guest List & Conference Registration: These two apps are two of my favorites because they are both very helpful when it comes to registration, and event planners know that registration and RSVP’s are one of the most important parts to an event. These apps help registrations run smoothly.

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