Mobile Ads

In his AdAge article, “There’s No Such Thing as an OK Mobile Ad,” writer Les Seifer compares mobile advertising to art.

He begins by saying that advertising is like art, you pick the audience, pick the medium and then craft your message in such a way that it will speak to your audience. Seifer says that when he paints, he paints knowing where his art will be displayed and who will be critiquing it. He says this is the same in advertising.

We all have learned the importance of crafting our message. Since our days of 100 level intro classes we have heard over-and-over about finding your target market. Seifer says this idea is imperative in mobile advertising as well.

In the article, he points out that mobile ads are either beautiful and compel us to interact further with a brand, or they are awful and we quickly close out of them.

Seifer says that in order for our mobile ads to be GREAT, we have to remember our canvas first, and then craft our message.

In a day where we spend most of our internet time on our mobile devices, it is more important than ever that the ads we create are not only mobile-friendly, but mobile-focused.

“Mobile ads can resonate and connect if we consider the viewing experience from the beginning and remember that the creative is what will ultimately win the consumer over.”


One thought on “Mobile Ads

  1. Brance Armstrong says:

    I really enjoyed this post! So often mobile ads are very poorly done and obviously do not fit the intended medium. I think that when brands realize that they need to create based on where the ads will appear then we will really see the full potential of the mobile ad industry.


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