Brands are Funny

“Comedy clips are among the most shared videos online, meaning that brands can have a potential viral hit on their hands if consumers watch, like and pass along the work.”

In one of my very first advertising classes, I was taught that an ad could be successful if it was one of three things: sexy, cute or funny. Well, this has rung true in advertising lately, as every brand is becoming hilarious. I remember the Old Spice campaign first coming out, and standing out as a new kind of ad, one that was revolutionary funny. Now, it seems every brand is hopping on the comedic band-wagon, and it’s because being funny works.

In Mashable’s article, “Why Every Brand is Hilarious Lately,” the writer points out that brands are realizing the success of attaching comedy to their image. They would rather be laughed with than laughed at.

Brands also recognize the extraordinary sharing power that funny ads carry, and are willing to relinquish creative freedom to get the word out. The article points out that comedians used to consider it “selling out” to star in a promotional spot, but creative directors are handing over the creativity to the comedic geniuses in hopes of having a successful ad campaign.

The article does point out that, while this is a lucrative business for comedians, it could be considered selling-out if the brand wants to take a different comedic direction than what would normally be the stand-up style of the particular comedian.

This trend of funny ads doesn’t seem to be coming to an end any time soon, and I for one am glad. A funny ad is an ad I will watch and I will share.


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