Femvertising- Numbers Don’t Lie

There’s no doubt that the rise in female empowerment across the business and product market has been significant in the past few years. Women are starting to hold more powerful positions in the business sphere and have a stronger stance in the family decision making process.

Femvertising, a form of advertising that employs pro-female talent, messages, and imagery to empower women and girls has become one of the strongest advertising strategies for a great many brands. Since women now hold a lot of buying power, it is a smart move. However it’s an ever smarter move when brands realize that women, more so than men, have a serious brand loyalty and a desire to spread the word about the products they love.

Recent statistics have only further proven the power behind femvertising. 3 out of 5 women believe that any brand can be pro-woman and 4 out of 5 women said it was important for younger generations to see positive portrayals of women in advertising.

71% of women reported being of the belief that brands should be held accountable for how they portray women. To increase the seriousness of this belief, 95% of women also said that portraying women as “sex symbols” in advertising was harmful and degrading.

I love reading these kinds of articles and seeing these kinds of numbers. As a woman, I appreciate the fact that I can turn on the television and not be bombarded by scantily clad women selling everything from lingerie to insurance. While it makes sense to use sexualized advertising for lingerie (your female consumer wants to buy it because it’s sexy not because it is economical or smart) it doesn’t make sense to use a woman’s sensualness to sell common car insurance.

Advertising that is tasteful, empowering, and positive is exactly what needs to continue to be shown on mass media and femvertising is one of the ways to do it.



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