Operations in Event Planning

You should know before getting into this profession that in this field you will not be partaking in the typical 9-5 work hours. In event planning you will be working late nights, early morning breakfasts, lunch hours, holidays, weekends and sometimes even specific seasons.  How much time you must commit to working will depend, once again, on the specialization within event planning you choose. In general social events tend to land on more weekends and holidays than corporate events but you need to prepare yourself to be available during those times regardless.

The main tasks you will be completing as an event coordinator are…

Research, Design, Proposal, Organization, Coordination and Evaluation

Research — is used to reduce risk of any kind. Your research might include surveys about the people you are producing the event for or it may include finding other event planners that have worked to produce similar events to find out tips to make your event more successful.

Design — this aspect can make or break an event. You use design when sketching or thinking out what your event will look like. You will also need a sense of design when putting the final project together because no matter how perfect your first design is, your plan will change in some way in the final stages of your event.

Proposal — this part is where you make your concept come to life in your clients eyes. No matter what amazing plan or vision you have in your head if you can’t translate that to the consumer you might loose your client.

Organization — Your mom always told you to organize your room growing up who knew that, that skill would translate to the real world? Organization is key to keeping an event on track and everyone on the same page.

Evaluation — it all comes down to one thing. Is your customer happy? Evaluation of how you did will make you a better event planner and more prepared for your next event.


2 thoughts on “Operations in Event Planning

  1. I have never had the desire to be an event planner in any capacity (not even for my own events) and this just reaffirms why! I had no idea so much could (and should) go into a single event plan. It takes so much organization, knowledge, and strategic thinking. Lots of respect to all the future event planners because it will not be easy but it sure does pay off when it’s done right!


  2. Brance Armstrong says:

    This is a great article! I have worked on several small events, but your point about researching the organization that the event will be for is something I had never thought of. If you understand the brand I can see how that would be very helpful in determining how to make the event look sand feel.


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