Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

With the end of the year coming up all the brides are wanting to do what is in style for 2015. Keeping up on the latest trends give your wedding that unique feeling. Here is a list of the hottest desert and cake ideas for the upcoming year.

Why pick just one when you can have a variety of cakes or a whole dessert table like many weddings are doing these days.


Cupcakes and Petit Fours and Cake Pops Oh MY!


Buttercream Cakes were extremely popular back in the 80s now the are making an appearance with even more style than ever before.


The “undressed” or naked cake showed to be a trend starting at some weddings. Not that popular yet, some brides do prefer this as part of a “rustic” and “earthy” feel wedding.


Fresh Dessert-style cakes could be anything from a Crepe Cake with berries, cream and honey to a Macaron tower. Cakes with fruit and nuts, berries and even some alcohol are moving back to the very traditional fruit cake.


The Chalkboard cake is such a newbie, that even going online, you won’t find much. This adds a little uniqueness to the wedding and for personal messages to be written on the cakes.


Chocolate Cakes are still very popular.They really can be made in different styles and not much has changed hugely in their appearance. Even White Chocolate cakes are starting to appear.



Gold “Glitter / Sequince” Cake. Gold is definitely making a come back this year and with that will be sequins will be coming back as a nice accent to the gold.



4 thoughts on “Have Your Cake and Eat It Too!

  1. Obviously a post about cake makes me excited to read more and to scroll through pictures. It’s so amazing how weddings have really become a unique planning experience for every couple. I love that couples are pushing creative boundaries and having such unique cakes of all different colors, sizes, and flavors.


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