Homecoming PR

I thought of this topic because it’s something fresh on our minds after this week–Homecoming! ACU’s Homecoming celebration was a success this year. Have you ever thought about how the whole thing or organized? Think about it…there are reunions, a parade, social club breakfasts, fireworks, special chapel events, etc. Somebody has to plan every aspect of it. When you boil it down, the organization of Homecoming uses several public relations tactics.

One of the biggest PR tactics used in Homecoming is event planning. Every year several classes have specific reunions hosted by the university and somebody has to plan them. Venues are booked around Abilene and representatives from each class help plan the event.

Another PR tactic used for Homecoming is direct mail. Paper invitations and emails are sent out in order to invite social club alumni to their respective reunion breakfasts on Homecoming Saturday. I find this tactic particularly interesting because it makes me view our alumni body as a “public” that the university interacts with. Within the larger public of alumni, there are smaller publics based on what the alumni were involved in during their time at ACU. Each social club has their own public that needs to be interacted with for their reunion breakfast.

These are just two examples of public relations tactics involved in the organization of Homecoming. Thinking about this was a fun way for me to apply my public relations knowledge in a place I wouldn’t expect. What are some other areas you can apply your PR knowledge in every day life?


3 thoughts on “Homecoming PR

  1. Brance Armstrong says:

    Having been on the homecoming steering committee this year I couldn’t agree more! An event this large takes a ton of people and different strategies to put on. Event planning is something I had never considered to be a part of PR, but I can definitely see how it would be. Great thoughts here!


  2. Awesome Job Brantly! I really enjoyed this post. I can totally see how the busyness of homecoming week could prepare someone who is going into PR. It is a little taste of the time and commitment it takes to make sure a pitch or an event comes together.


  3. kalitimmerman says:

    This is a great example of how PR is a part of our daily lives without us even realizing it. Applying what we know about public relations will be a part of our lives forever whether we are in a PR focused career or not.


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