Gutenberg Celebration 2014…. Done and Done!

In this past week, I was finally able to see first hand what it takes to be an event planner. This has been my dream job for some time now. Knowing I will  probably not go into event planning right away after college, I am trying my best to get the most experience I can while I am still here. And being a part of the Gutenberg 2014 planning team was some of the best experience I have received thus far.

Being so close to the event and watching it come together step by step was such a rewarding experience. From countless brainstorming sessions, to at the end of the night, making sure the Hunter Welcome Center looked exactly like it did before we got there, I saw the long hard hours it takes with each member of the team doing their part to make the event a success. Our event director did a wonderful job organizing and delegating like a true leader would to make sure each person did their part. I think that had to be the biggest lesson I learned through this. Working as a team and making sure everyone is included and everyones opinions are accounted for, is what makes the event spectacular. Sometimes in wanting to be an event planner, a lot of people think that its just about you coming up with a theme and thats all you do, but thats not the case. You have to work with a team to meet your goals, and you yourself have to do work too. Standing back and watching is not an option when it comes to event planning. Each minute counts and every small detail is important. I was so happy that I was able to help and work on this event it. It turned out beautifully and I believe that everyone there really enjoyed the night. And when it comes to planning events, the best feeling is to see your clients and guests having a great time with a smile on their face.


4 thoughts on “Gutenberg Celebration 2014…. Done and Done!

  1. Daniel Zepeda says:

    I am very impressed by people who can do event-planning. I am by far the worst person at putting plans together for what I want to do for dinner, let alone an event for a lot of people. Gutenberg turned out amazing too by the way.


  2. rar11b says:

    I thought Gutenberg was absolutely incredible in all aspects. Even if you aren’t able to get into event planning immediately after you graduate, this experience will help you in an job field you end up in. You’re spot on when you talk about the importance of team work and how important it is that everyone is on board and doing their share. I really enjoyed the event! Good job!


  3. Katy, Gutenberg was a huge success. Everyone who helped did an amazing job. I am so glad you got to experience first hand how much time and how many details are considered in every event.


  4. I attend the dinner and as a intern for an event planner I was very impressed. The color scheme worked very well and everyone, including the servers and coordinators seamed very at ease which is not the norm. Interesting blog, Im glad you feel at peace with your work!


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