Green Is The New “It” Color

Almost everyone knows that color can easily effect a persons thoughts and emotions. Red can make you hungry and yellow can make you joyful. Each color of the rainbow can provoke different actions. So when it comes to advertising, one has to be very strategic about what colors are used in an ad. Can different colors make consumers more likely to respond to certain ads?

According to Shutterstock, the colors put into to an advertisement can determine whether or not that advertisement will be successful. Shutterstock, a leading provider of digital imagery licensing, created the first ever “Colour Trends” infographic. The data came from images on the Shutterstock blog. Downloads of these images were analyzed to decide which colors people respond to most. This information can possibly be helpful for advertisers when deciding the creative guidelines, such as color, for their ad.

The infographic prefaces by saying that some of the color trends are likely influenced by outside sources. For example, the increase in green was likely influenced by the World Cup just as the change from beige to gray tones was influenced by designs seen on Fashion Week runways and in home designs. Also, the increase in “social media blue” was likely due to the never-ending growth of the Internet and the soaring climb of social media in the world today. Pantone’s Color of the Year, Radiant Orchard, has also grown in popularity.

Some of the results:

  • Green increased 81%
  • Gray increased 58%
  • Blue increased 37%
  • Purple increased 20% (and is still growing)
  • Beige decreased 60%

One thought on “Green Is The New “It” Color

  1. Brantly Houston says:

    Very interesting. I thought it was funny that you pointed out that red makes you hungry and yellow makes you happy. The first thing I thought of was McDonald’s I wonder if that was the thinking behind their logo?


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