We Need to Learn Math


Spin Sucks wrote an interesting article lately about whether or not newspapers are dead. Some people would argue passionately that newspapers are still relevant they have just changed to keep up with the times. You can find a lot of those people in our department. Others would argue that newspapers are already dead. You can find a lot of those people basically anywhere else. There is however, hope for us who are getting our schooling in communicating. Spin Sucks came up with three skills every communicator must have in order to prove your worth and not get fired.

1. Get Good With Numbers. We need to be able to know the analytics on all of the sites we use to prove that we are doing good for the company and are making a difference in the worlds of the company’s target audience.

2. Learn how to use social media for stories and sources. We all know how to use social media to build brand loyalty and relationships with our consumers but we need to do more with it. We need to connect with possible business deals. Spin Sucks says, “If you can get a sales person in the door because of your efforts, you will always have a job. Always.”

3. Integration, integration, integration. When you have great content say for an example a great blog post. Don’t just use that information on the blog. Find a way to share it on different sites on ways that would make sense for that site.

I really like this list because there are only three points which is easy to remember. Also, these are very practical ways to show that your job is important. Chances are, we are going to work for some marketer or CEO that doesn’t understand why they need us around. These are great ways to show them we are very important to their success. Plus all three points are very relevant to what we discuss in class on a regular basis.

Find the Spin Sucks article here: http://spinsucks.com/communication/skills-communicator-must-have/


5 thoughts on “We Need to Learn Math

  1. Margo Herrera says:

    I always go back and forth on my thoughts about newspapers. Part of me agrees with them being dead and not necessary, yet I find myself picking one up and reading it pretty frequently. Your blog post caught my eye because of the title. Math is not my strongest subject, but lately I have realized that numbers and math apply greatly when trying to figure out how well something did, whether that be an ad or website or anything else. Overall I do agree with you and feel like these tips are very useful and helpful when it comes to a job and the success that you can gain from having it.


  2. Carolyn,
    I couldn’t agree more on the importance of Math. Math is used in so many more avenues of life than just the classroom. Even in the video profession it is important to know and understand the basics of numbers. Camera readings are displayed in fractions or numerical readings of some sort. I cannot even begin to number the amount of math that has to be done throughout the preproduction process. From budgets alone, to mileage calculations from traveling from set to set. Integration of Social Media is also huge in the video industry. Personally I love production companies that have a social media presence. In order to be successful in todays digital world, one has to be able to adapt and integrate with the changes of society.


  3. Carolyn, I really enjoyed reading this post. Finding a job isn’t easy. People graduate college and spend months job-hunting. However, once they find a job, people often get comfortable and forget the importance of proving yourself and keeping the job. So many CEO’s and top business executives are numbers people who may not necessarily understand the importance of advertisers to their business. Staying relevant and reminding them why you are important is so crucial to being successful.


  4. I like your third point, that you need to integrate your blog post information every where. With the dominance of social media, it’s so easy to integrate information in numerous ways so that various people will be able to see it no matter what site they look at.

    Oh, and by the way, newspapers are not dead…yet.


  5. kalitimmerman says:

    The title of this post caught my attention. I’m currently in media planning and have found my algebra skills to be quite rusty. With a communications degree you must be versed in many different areas because, like you said, marketers and CEOs are going to wonder why they need you around. Being well rounded in many different areas can help secure a job in the communications department.


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