Google New App, New Ads

Google has taken the term “rebranding” and made an ultra successful campaign this fall. Partnered with 72andSunny Google is preparing to relaunch its newly redesigned mobile app and have used a creative, cute campaign to prepare its users.

The campaign is centered around the idea of “taking a second look” to things you’ve seen before. Which is, conceptually, the idea surrounding the rebranding of the Google app. The play on this concept has meant artful and well placed ads all over New York City that take some looking for to find.

Most of the advertisements are constructed on a site-specific basis (popular coffee shops, restaurants, bowling alleys etc.) and blend in perfectly with their surroundings. Until a passerby stops to look closer they may not necessarily realize Google is there. But the effectiveness is incredible because it does draw curiosity to the product and its features directly.

Embedding the Google app along with questions that the app can answer regarding the locations the ads are found is a terribly obvious but seriously awesome idea.

This is a different approach to advertising in that the ads are designed to NOT stand out. This kind of reverse psychology can fail miserably for an ad campaign but, done correctly, can stand away from its competition. It also allows for consumers to LIKE the advertisements they see and not disdain the obvious, blatant way of selling a product.

I think the campaign is delightful and sweet. I think there’s a lot of effectiveness at looking from something from another angle.


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