Preparing to compare image-based platforms

We plan to finish the how-to presentations today and look at image-based social platforms on Wednesday. I’ve assembled some links that will give you a basic statistical picture of the four platforms: YouTube, Instagram, Vine, and Snapchat. You should read all the following linked content before our next meeting.

YouTube has been around forever in online terms and moves a massive amount of online content. Instagram is also comparatively well established and draws a young audience (you don’t need to register to see the additional content; just read what’s freely available at the link). Vine was a revolutionary concept in short video, but Instagram has encroached on its territory. More than three-quarters of college students are using Snapchat, which has seen exponential growth in the last year. Brance shared a video about Snapchat’s increasing popularity over Facebook with young users.

Since we’ll be talking about four platforms at once, it will be a good time to establish our social media comparison chart. We’ll have one person look at each of these platforms. For each platform, we’ll compile:

  • When it was founded
  • Its function or purpose (let’s use these 13 categories)
  • Depth of content offered
  • Number of users (active monthly users if possible, but total users is OK)
  • Popular or effective times to post content in order to increase engagement
  • Prime competitor(s)

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