Apple and PR

Apple has been in the spotlight recently…and not for all the right reasons. While there has been some positive buzz around the release of the iPhone 6 and the announcement of Apple Watch, there has also been a lot of criticism over iCloud privacy, a U2 album being added to users’ iPhones without permission, the botched release of iOS 8.0.1, and the “#bendgate” videos of the iPhone 6 Plus bending under pressure. After so much controversy within a short period of time, some are saying the glory days of Apple are over. I personally think this is an overstatement.

Apple has seen troubles before and has rebounded with subtle PR. Remember the release of the iPhone 4? A redesigned antenna caused many users to experience cellular network problems. Apple supplied free “bumper cases” to users experiencing the problem and no one has thought about the production mishap since. How will Apple recover from its recent transgressions?

Apple created a webpage to help users remove the unwanted U2 album from their accounts, released a statement about the privacy of iCloud, and promptly released iOS 8.0.2. The #bendgate scandal is ongoing, but Apple has released a statement that only 9 users have reported bending in their phones. Apple has already responded to these recent controversies. If history repeats itself, nobody will be talking about them in a year or two.

Furthermore, Apple has experienced some change in their communication department. PR Week reported that Katie Cotton left her long-time post as VP of worldwide communications for Apple. Her interim replacement is Steve Dowling, who is more proactive in media outreach than his predecessor. Perhaps this will mark a pattern change for Apple that will result in more proactive PR.

Whatever you think of Apple, I say they’ll remain on top. Their products are too stellar to drop out of the market. People keep buying them despite reports of flaws. In addition, a change in the communication leadership will help “squash the haters,” so to speak. Apple’s glory days aren’t over yet.


3 thoughts on “Apple and PR

  1. This is an extremely important point that has been needed to be made! Apple is a powerful, powerful brand that stands alone even in a market subjected to constant change and evolution. However Apple’s PR is often overlooked when it should be praised. They have done such a good job either ignoring or addressing problems with the products so that consumer’s continue to feel safe buying them. I don’t think #bendgate will change Apple’s position on top either!


  2. I agree that Apple will stay on top. Like you said, this isn’t the first problem of theirs. They can handle it. I recently watched a video where an interviewer put an Apple sticker on a cheap watch and asked people if they would buy it. Everyone said yes. People will buy anything from Apple. These issues are minor hiccups to their great success.


  3. Margo Herrera says:

    It’s so crazy to me how Apple can and will always stay on top. I have had multiple problems with my iPhone, yet have never switched to a different phone. Even with all the problems that have been going around about the iPhone 6, you know everybody will have one in the next couple of months. Apple has done a great job with building brand loyalty not only with current customers, but also new ones. I agree with what Carolyn said, no matter what problems they have, they will never outweigh their success.


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