Top 14 Trends In Wedding Photography

Wedding Trends are interesting because they are always changing. As the new year’s latest fashions change so do the latest wedding trends.

#14. Capturing the Proposal. Lately grooms are getting smart and hiring professional photographers to capturing their proposal. Every girl wants a picture of this day.

#13. #Hashtags. Instagram is a great way for everyone to share their pictures of the day. We are past the trend of putting out throw away cameras on the reception tables and Instagram is the Now.

#12. Brady-Bunch Photos. Taking individual pictures of everyone in the bridal party is a great way to capture each persons personality and a great memory from the day.

#11. Stop-Motion Photos. This photo is created by taking 10-20 photos rapidly and then editing them together to make a great animated background behind the couple.

#10. Bridal Portraits. The day of the wedding is crazy and there is not really time to capture truly amazing of pictures of the perfect dress. Scheduling a bridal photo shoot allows the brides to get their perfect picture of their dress.

#9. Film Photos. We are in the age of digital photos, but there is still something so surreal about a photo developed from true film. Film photos are becoming a huge trend this year and are continuing to grow.

#8. The Father’s First Look. Just like the Groom’s First Look picture, the Father of the Brides first look is something to be captured. A picture of this moment is something to be cherished and kept forever.

#7. Photo booths. Photo booths are a great way to create a memorable event for your guests. They are also going high tech with touch screens cameras and all new props.

#6. Family Photos. Family photos are a great way to show a little family history to guests, whether the photos are sentimental or funny its a great way to add sentimental decorations.

#5. Backlit Photos. Using natural light to adds a romantic feel to photos. They also great absolutely gorgeous photos.

#4. The Day After Photo. Scheduling a day after photo shoot takes some of the pressure off of getting the perfect pictures during the actual wedding day.

#3. Natural Family Photos. Adding a more natural look to the family photos creates a better photo. Photos are meant to capture the personalities of the people not for everyone to stand completely still.

#2. Overhead Shots. There is something amazing about a photograph on the stairs. The photographer stands above the couple and captures the couple enjoying themselves.

#1. Selfies. An adorable and memorable photo is the bride and groom taking their own personal selfie.


One thought on “Top 14 Trends In Wedding Photography

  1. I love this post! Everything about it is so accurate. We all flip through our Facebook and Instagram feeds and see this on what seems like a weekly basis- especially since we are ACU students. I agree that it is very interesting to see the trends change as often as they do. I wonder what will be on trend next!


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