The Force

A rising trend in campaign strategy for current advertisement is pulling on the audience’s heartstring. If you can have someone walk away after watching your ad have a smile on their face, I think it is a successful Ad.

One of my favorite advertisements that does this tactic so well is “The Force” advertising by Volkswagen. This advertisement shows a little boy dressed like Darth Vader and he is going around the house trying to use the force of different objects. Finally, his dad comes home and he runs out completely bi-passes his dad and tries to use the force to start his new Passat. The dad goes inside and starts the car from his key and the little boy gets so excited.

This advertisement got over 30 million views in its first couple of weeks when the advertising debuted during the 2011 Super Bowl. The success of this advertisement in my opinion is because it appeals to so many different generations. Any guy can relate to wanting to have superpowers, and every woman in America did the classic “awhhhhh” moment when they see this commercial. It could also appeal to parents or grandparents.

There are a lot of positives to having a neutral ad because of the “sharing” possibility of the advertisement. People who are on social media won’t feel as guilty sharing for their followers to see because there isn’t anything inappropriate in the ad. It is also an advertisement that people would feel comfortable talking about in different social situations, because it doesn’t make anyone feel uncomfortable.

I think that this is a good strategy to do when you are selling neutral products like cars, or food it is beneficial because you are selling to a blanketed audience, where as if you were selling something like alcohol or lingerie this tactic might not work as well.


One thought on “The Force

  1. Margo Herrera says:

    If an ad makes me happy or inspired I always love it! So I completely agree with you saying, “If you can have someone walk away after watching your ad have a smile on their face, I think it is a successful Ad.” I think emotions play such a huge role on how your ad does. The majority of my favorite ads usually always have an emotional factor to them. “The Force” ad by Volkswagen is also one of my favorites, thinking about it makes me so excited for the upcoming ads during the Super Bowl in February!


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