Stay Connected

As I’ve gotten into the journalism world, people have always told me “it’s not the grade you make, it’s the hand you shake.” At first, I kind of shrugged it off thinking that would get me nowhere, however, as I’ve continued in my schooling, I’ve realized connections are very helpful, both in the professional world and in the journalism world.

This doesn’t mean slacking on grades or achievements; it’s certainly important to have good academic qualities on your resume.  However, it does mean keeping up with connections you’ve made daily. It seems that it’s becoming more and more important who you add as your references on your resume.

While it is essential to have connections for a career-purpose, staying in a network can also help journalists become more efficient in their article writing. An example of how keeping up with connections has proved important for me is it helps me get the correct information for my articles in The Optimist. I have multiple acquaintances and connections on campus from classes I’ve taken and clubs I’ve been a part of. While I am not best friends with many of these people, I do know them well enough to text them or email them if I need certain information or the number of a common friend. Sometimes these connections are the only way I can get the correct information for an article before the deadline. I can only imagine how connections will help me as a journalist once I am out of the ACU community.

It’s good to make and keep up with connections as you finish up internships and enter the work world, because whether it’s to help you get information for an article or even score you your next job, you’ll be glad you did.


2 thoughts on “Stay Connected

  1. I really like this! This is such an important step we to take during college, that we sometimes forget due to our focus on your studies and other things. Networking is becoming so much more of a priority as we near the end of our college careers.


  2. Brantly Houston says:

    Very relevant. Connections are always important! I think this is a great reason why you should keep your LinkedIn profile up to date. It’s a great place to maintain your professional connections.


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