Personally Branded Lifestyle Photography

Unashamedly, I have always wanted to become a notable member of an industry or society for just being myself. My passions, such as the outdoors, people, culture, travel, photography, music, design, etc., would all meet in the middle to become what I do for a living. Oftentimes I find myself projecting what that career might look like, and not until recently did I come to the realization that this occupation, or way of living, is feasible.

Chris Burkard and Bradley Castaneda are two “lifestyle photographers” that used their personal travel photography to garner an initial audience which later lead to big brand endorsements for their skills.

Burkard of San Louis Obispo, California and Castaneda of Seattle, Washington took their passions for photography, the outdoors, sports, and travel to become modern day brand ambassadors for companies such as American Airlines, Patagonia, Volkswagon, Apple Inc., Jeep, and Suburu.

Both Burkard and Castaneda used Instagram as the platform where they could display their content to their large audience of followers. Occasionally branded products appear in their photos as a partnership between the photographer and the brand. Brands know this product placement is important because these two photographers are trusted individuals of whom their followers generally trust their advocacy of a brand or product. Word of mouth is quite possibly one of the most effective factors in gaining respect and response for a product, service, or brand.

I hope to use my travel photography to someday garner attention from brands that may use my voice and photos to advertise for their brands.


One thought on “Personally Branded Lifestyle Photography

  1. Wyatt I thought that this was an incredibly interesting topic and career field! My initial reaction after reading this was 1) that job would be perfect for you, and 2) I want to look up both of these photographers on Instagram immediately. It is amazing how many new different kinds of jobs that involve creative hobbies are being created all the time.


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